Mitigating Meltdown and Spectre - Linux

Patches for Meltdown & Spectre are being released by the different Linux vendors at variable rates.This guide will evolve as we discover more information.  Please subscribe to receive notifications of updates.

Apply CPU microcode updates

If you have a Dedicated Server, you will need to apply a firmware update to your CPU. Depending on your server's CPU, these updates and instructions on their application will become available via Intel's download centre.

If you are using cloud based products then our engineers are working on the application of the necessary hardware fixes. 

Patch your Operating System

Our primary advice is to check your kernel version against the list of known patches, update if required, reboot your server and ensure you are then using the recommended patch.

Please refer to the documentation made available below for information on which patches should be applied to mitigate Meltdown & Spectre.

Updating RedHat, CentOS

$ uname -a
$ yum clean all
$ yum update
$ rpm -q kernel
$ reboot
$ uname -a

Updating Debian/Ubuntu

$ uname -a
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get upgrade
$ sudo shutdown -r now
$ uname -a

Further information on OS patches


More information on how RedHat/CentOS is handling Meltdown & Spectre can be found at  You can read an overview of how the issue affects RedHat/CentOS, its impact and ultimately how to resolve each version of the RedHat/CentOS OS.

RedHat/CentOS 6

Three security advisories have been released for RedHat/CentOS 6 detailing security updates required.

RedHat/CentOS 7

Five security advisories have been released for RedHat/CentOS 7 detailing security updates required.


Further information made available by Ubuntu:

Ubuntu have not released updates as yet, but have said that they will be released by the 9th Jan.


Further information made available by Debian: 

Arch Linux

There is currently a patch for Meltdown (Variant 3) 5754 which was fixed in version 4.14.11-1

Further information made available by Arch: 

openSUSE leap 42.2

Further information made available by openSUSE:

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