What happens if I don't renew my domain name by the expiration date?

Within 3-14 days after the domain name expires the domain name will be removed from the name servers (DNS) which will interrupt any services such as Email, Website Hosting, or URL Forwarding.

For certain registries, approximately 30 days after the domain name expires it will enter into a Redemption Period for an additional 30 days. During the Redemption Period, you can still renew your domain name, but there is an additional redemption fee of $150.00 USD which includes a one year renewal. If the domain name is not redeemed during the redemption period, the domain name will be deleted by the registry and made available to the public for registration.

To Redeem and Renew your domain name, simply follow these steps:

1) Login at https://www.webscreationsdesigngroup.com/clientarea.php
2) Click “Domains Overview”
3) Click your domain
4) Click “Expired 30+ days. Click here to redeem the domain.” and complete the order process.

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