How to add SRV record in cPanel

You can add SRV record from your cPanel by following the steps below:

1. Login to your SiteGround User Area
2. Click on My Accounts section
3. Select the option Go to cPanel then Proceed
4. Click on Advanced DNS Zone Editor in the section Domains
5. Go to Add a Record and Choose SRV from the drop down menu
6. You will see the following form:

srv TTL class SRV priority weight port target.
Each SRV record has the following form:

where each of the attributes should have a specific value:

service - the name of the service in question.
proto - the protocol of the service (usually TCP or UDP).
name - the domain name that the record should be valid for (Note: it should end with a dot).
TTL - time to live
priority - lower values mean more preferred.
weight - used for records with the same priority (higher value means more preferred).
port - the number of the port.
target - the hostname of the machine where the service is running (Note: it should end with a dot).
TTL, Priority, Weight, Port and Target are straight forward and easy to fill out. The values will be given by the company that will generate the SRV Record for you.

The tricky part is that the form has only one field for the name, fields for service and protocol are not included. That is why in the section name, you need to put all 3 of them in the following format:

  • SRV
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