Email Notification for Quotas over the Limit ?

Note: For performance purposes, cPanel does not immediately check and send notifications. Warnings and suspensions may not occur till several hours after the notification limit is reached. At this time cPanel will only send out notifications for the highest warning level reached.

The type of hosting plan you have can dictate how you are notified via email by your hosting panel about overages in bandwidth, disk space and email quota.

VPS and Dedicated Hosting

If the limit of an account or email is about to be exceeded, then the system can automatically send a notification.

The cPanel user can go to cPanel and update the contact email. The icon is at the top and cPanel will send email notifications to you at 70% and 85% capacities for disk space, bandwidth, and email quotas.

You can also have WHM send email notifications to you at 70% and 85% capacities for disk space, bandwidth, and email quotas. Just add a contact email to each account when you create it in WHM.

You can enable/disable warnings and adjust the percentages in WHM > Tweak Settings.

Reseller Hosting

HostGator Reseller servers will send email notifications when you reach a certain percentage of your disk space and bandwidth quotas. Our Reseller servers are configured to send warnings at 80% and 90% capacities for disk space and email quotas, and 90% and 98% for the bandwidth quota of an account.

Update Contact Settings

Users on Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated servers can update their contact settings for each cPanel. To receive these notifications you can either enter an email for the account when you create the account in WHM or you may update it from inside of cPanel.

To update the notification email address for a cPanel account:

  1. Log into cPanel as the desired user.
  2. Click Update Contact Info under Preferences:

  3. Enter an address where you would like to receive notifications, a secondary address if desired, and click Save:

You should now receive notifications when you exceed your account quotas.

Shared Web Hosting

You get unlimited capacities for disk space and bandwidth, so there won't be any notifications. You also cannot get notifications regarding email quotas.

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